Promoting capital efficiency via operating lease finance

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company that offers tailored leasing solutions for technology assets, plant and equipment to New Zealand public sector organisations and large corporates.

For our customers, an operating lease with MCL Capital is a viable long term and sustainable asset based funding solution that will improve the efficiency of delivery and operations.

About MCL Capital

At MCL Capital, we have a focus on restructuring initiatives around the ‘lazy’ balance sheet. Our experts can identify opportunities for organisations to unlock frozen capital via sale and lease back solutions. This, in turn, allows for the release of capital for redistribution to other areas of the business, thereby promoting capital efficiency.

MCL Capital is majority owned by H.RL. Morrison & Co, a leading New Zealand infrastructure investment manager. This association provides resource and capability to MCL Capital, backing us as a leading New Zealand equipment finance company.

We also have a close working relationship with Westpac New Zealand. Together, we have developed a refined operating lease model that benefits from the capability of Westpac to provide core (debt) funding, alongside the equity investment in assets that we are able to finance.

Our operating lease model has been specifically constructed to operate within the confines of the Public Finance Act. We have independent professional advice to back this up, providing our public sector customers with complete confidence when transacting with MCL Capital. 

Our company is managed by experienced leasing professionals. Comprehensive banking and professional advice is available within the governance structure of MCL Capital.

Key People

Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge

Executive Director

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M +64 21 444 477

MCL Capital was established, and is run and managed by arguably the most experienced technology financier in NZ, Murray Bridge. With a career in technology finance dating back to the early 1990s, Murray is well-known and respected in Wellington Government and NZ business circles. 

Richard Syers

Richard Syers

Account Director

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Richard is an experienced IT professional, consultant and business owner. He is MCL’s Account Director dealing with Government customers in Wellington.

Chris Fawkner

Chris Fawkner

Account Director

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M +64 21 767787

Chris is an experienced equipment financier. He has worked closely with Murray for over 15 years, and has an in depth knowledge of the Health and Education sectors. Chris is our Account Director in Auckland.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Chief Financial Officer

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Steve’s role is centred around corporate governance, financial management, risk and IT. Steve has considerable experience as a CFO and his strengths in contract and commercial negotiations will provide both MCL and our clients with sensible commercial outcome.

Amy Russell

Amy Russell

Sales Operations Manager

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M +64 211 519 839

Amy is the Sales Operations Manager within MCL Capital, and has been in the team since March 2016. Prior to this, she has had considerable experience in the leasing industry in asset management, looking after early terminations, break and rewrites, account administration and end of lease procedures. 

Karen Baker

Karen Baker

Finance and Operations

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M +64 27 241 2671

Karen's role is focused on financial reporting and operations.

Tim Brown

Non Executive Director

Dugald Morrison

Non Executive Director

What We Do

MCL Capital offers tailored leasing solutions for technology assets, plant and equipment to New Zealand public sector organisations and large corporates. An operating lease is a viable long term and sustainable asset based funding solution that will improve the efficiency of delivery and operations.

Key features and benefits of an MCL Capital operating lease include:

  • Promoting capital efficiency through the release and redistribution of capital to the right areas
  • Access to an alternate source of capital, at a demonstrably low cost
  • Spreading the cost of an asset over the term of the lease preserves capital, and provides budget certainty
  • Improved asset management
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Complete flexibility to break and rewrite contracts with changes in technology thus removing the risks of obsolescence
  • Compliance with public sector and financial reporting operating lease requirements
  • Vendor independence, giving you the flexibility to make your equipment and vendor selections, leaving the financing up to MCL Capital

Sale and Lease Back

Historically, many organisations adopted the strategy of outright purchase and ownership of rapidly changing technology and administrative IT equipment. This approach has effectively frozen capital in the business, when instead it could have been utilised elsewhere in a more effective and efficient manner.

MCL Capital can identify opportunities for organisations to unlock this frozen capital via sale and lease back solutions. This allows for the release and redistribution of capital to other areas, enabling business growth by promoting capital efficiency.

Assets Suitable for Leasing

Including, but not limited to:

Technology Based Assets

  • Traditional information technology (PCs, servers, data centre infrastructure, etc.)
  • Tablets and smart devices
  • 3D printers
  • Networking and communications equipment
  • Audio visual equipment
  • CCTV systems
  • Digital radio communications
  • Medical and clinical equipment
  • Scientific and laboratory equipment
  • Testing and monitoring equipment

Other Asset Types

  • Re-locatable / temporary buildings
  • Energy – generation assets
  • Energy efficiency projects (i.e. retro-fit tech. such as LED lights, HVAC, etc.)
  • Office and building fit out
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Parks and maintenance equipment
  • Street-lighting
  • Law enforcement equipment
  • Waste management equipment (recycling plant, compactors, bins, etc.)
  • Specialist vehicles (ambulance, fire, medical screening, etc.)
  • Rolling stock
  • Port assets

Why Choose MCL?

When you deal with MCL Capital, you can expect us:

To be thought provoking.

We will



To do what we say we will.

We have



To be on time.

We are always



To deliver results.

We will focus on



We know leasing!

MCL Capital has New Zealand’s most experienced team of leasing professionals with extensive contacts within the NZ Government sector. We are trusted and respected by our customer base, New Zealand’s public sector organisations and large corporates.

We take the time to understand the unique challenges faced by our customers, and how these challenges may evolve over time. We work with our customers to address and pre-empt these challenges with innovative financing strategies, thus reflecting our long term, partnership approach to customer relationships.

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