Our approach to sustainability

Refurbish, reuse, recycle – sustainability is at the heart of MCL Capital’s business model. From the beginning our model of operation has been centred around optimising resources, reducing the consumption of raw materials and recovering waste.

“More than 99% of all leased assets from MCL are refurbished and reused.”

We give businesses the opportunity to join us in a model of sustainability with the provision of equipment leasing – increasing capital efficiency for you while providing a resource-
efficient circular economy, where products are refurbished or reused, rather than discarded.

Let’s talk about circular economy

Circular economy is a resource-efficient production and consumption model that ensures sustainable growth over time, tackling global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution. For it to work, we need to transform every element of our take-make-waste system – how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.

Some examples of this kind of resource efficiency could be re-manufacturing, alternate business models like leasing, repair, reuse, recycling, and eco-design.

MCL Sustainability Infographic
MCL Sustainability Infographic

How MCL are a part of this drive for sustainability

Once our customers return the assets they’ve leased from us including IT equipment, mobile devices (phones and tablets), medical or scientific equipment, we refurbish and prepare them for further use. In fact, 99% of all assets leased by MCL Capital are refurbished and reused.

The remaining 1% is processed locally using certified and genuine e-waste and recycling facilities. Where possible materials are separated and added back into the manufacturing process, thereby diverting waste from landfill.

According to the United Nations, producing a desktop PC generates 700kg of CO2. When it comes to reducing the impacts on the environment, strategies that extend the useful life of assets play a vital role. With our leasing model, this is achieved through the hands of multiple users.

Data security is paramount

Ensuring the data of our customers is secure when we receive goods back from them is of optimum importance.

We know that data security is a key concern when it comes to leased and remarketed assets, and we approach this with a high level of sensitivity. Our specialist partners use ISO:27001 (Information Security) certified standards to go through best practice processes and ensure data erasure is performed to the highest level of compliance. This goes beyond merely formatting or resetting devices to their factory settings.

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